Katherine Briant is a graduate student in Fordham University’s Medieval Studies M.A. program.  She holds a B.A. in English from the University of Rochester, where she specialized in medieval English literature.  Her research interests include manuscript studies, embodiment in late medieval literature, and medieval and early modern book culture.

Katherine’s work in the Rossell Hope Robbins Library, the University of Rochester’s Department of Rare Books and Special Collections, and Fordham University’s Center for Medieval Studies fostered her desire to develop digital humanities projects.  She wrote and encoded finding aids for Rare Books’ website, working with collections including the correspondence of Susan B. Anthony and Rachel Foster Avery and the Rochester Jewish Community Oral History Project.  She also assisted with two Robbins Library Digital Projects, Visualizing Chaucer and the Camelot Project.

As a graduate assistant in Fordham’s Center for Medieval Studies, Katherine has worked on the Online Medieval Sources Bibliography, the French of Italy, the French of England, the Oxford Outremer Map Project, and a forthcoming digital resource on independent crusaders.  She is in the final stages of creating her own digital project, which will be an interactive teaching module on Anglo-Norman verb morphology.