Anglo-Norman Verb Project

Katherine created the Anglo-Norman Verb Project to help students who are new to Old French learn verb morphology.  A simplified grammar, interactive quizzes, and visual aids make the digital teaching module more accessible for beginners than previously available handbooks. While the project is by no means a definitive or comprehensive treatment of Anglo-Norman verbs, it is intended to facilitate students’ use of more advanced resources by giving them a foundational competency with conjugation.

The paradigms in the interactive exercise use late 12th-century forms as the standard. All infinitives have been regularized to reflect the lemmas in the Anglo-Norman Dictionary, and the project adopts the grammatical terminology of E. Einhorn’s Old French: A Concise Handbook.

Katherine plans to launch the Anglo-Norman Verb Project on January 1st, 2017.  To preview the project, feel free to contact Katherine to receive the beta URL.